Tips for Staying Comfortable During Pregnancy

a person wearing a mask

One of the most important parts of a woman’s pregnancy is the ability to stay comfortable. From your physical state to your mental well-being, comfort is key. Being pregnant is beautiful and truly a miracle, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its challenges. From losing sleep at night to swelling from your hands […]

5 Reasons to Skip Out on a Traditional Classroom

a room with a blackboard

Traditionally, everything was learned sitting in a desk in a classroom listening to someone who studied the topic enough to teach others about it. The professor or instructor didn’t necessarily have life experience on the topic but instead studied it in school just like you. As technology has advanced, students now have new and better […]

Preparing for the Loss of a Parent

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We all face the prospect of losing our parents at some point. No one wants to talk about this impending loss, but preparing for it can help ease the pain, prepare us to be left with some great memories, and allow us to make decisions more easily when the time comes. Prepare Emotionally Dealing with […]