About Us

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‘What is life without love?’ This sums up our approach to everything we do.

We spend a short time on this beautiful planet and we believe strongly that we must embrace love in its beauty, diversity, and all of its magical forms in order to truly love life.

Heartbeat Reggae is an inclusive community for all. We recognize the challenges that living a busy, vibrant life presents, but we firmly believe in acknowledging and honoring the good stuff. 

We support women with the latest news, reviews, and aspirational stories to help them love and care for themselves and their communities. Heartbeat Reggae serves up fresh and intriguing content that is relevant to you. We offer unique viewpoints, thoroughly researched life hacks, relationship tips, expert advice, and stories to help stay connected.

It’s our relationships that are key to our happiness and our connections form who we are as humans. I think we can all agree that if we are content in our relationships, and we form powerful bonds on deeper levels with those we love, then life can be something to celebrate everyday! 

Get to know Heartbeat Reggae’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Monique Green, and the rest of the team below.

Our Team

Monique Green,
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Award-winning journalist and relationship expert, Monique has a passion for elite reporting, creative writing, and serving her readers fierce stories on how to find joy in love and life. Previously, she has held editorial and contributor positions at Hello Giggles, Glamour, InStyle.com, Elle.com, and many other online publications. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Heartbeat Suite, featuring love and relationship experts and topics. Monique resides in San Diego with her daughter and husband, Antonio.

Caroline Herrara, Associate Editor

Amber Padilla, Assistant Editor

Iris Cortez, Content Editor

Myra Watson, Editorial Intern

Amelia Vaughn, Editorial Assistant

Ruby Gibson, Parenting Contributor

Jodi Diaz, Style Contributor

Nora Tyler, Health & Wellness Contributor