4 Tips for Your Wedding and Everything That Comes After

a group of people dancing

There’s a lot of pressure to get everything right when it comes to planning a wedding. That’s why it’s important to start preparing as early as you can so that you can reduce the amount of unnecessary stress you put on yourself as much as possible. Do you want a dance floor? Will you hire a wedding DJ or a wedding band? How much are you willing to spend on a gown, and how much will you put in for flowers or gifts for the bridal party? Which wedding venue is the perfect space for your big day? There are so many questions that come up, and it can be hard to navigate.

When it comes to planning a good wedding, everyone’s wants and needs are completely individual, so there are no hard and fast rules that you have to stick to. That said, there is a lot of advice out there that can be helpful to anyone looking to put together a wedding sometime soon. If you need a little guidance, here are four basic tips for your wedding and what comes after the wedding day is over.

1. Plan a perfect party.


What most people want from their wedding reception is to have a great experience with all of their loved ones to celebrate a huge moment in their lives, and for most people, that involves throwing a spectacular party. You can’t have a party without dancing, so make arrangements early for someone to provide music for your special day. There are a few different options for music at a party, but most people find that it’s easiest to hire a wedding DJ. Luckily, it’s easy to find a local DJ for weddings through an entertainment company, and it’s often more affordable than paying for a live wedding band. You can make your own custom playlist, or, if you’re struggling, you can always have the DJ service help you put one together. Given their years of experience, a good professional DJ will be able to deliver when it comes to getting your guests out onto the dance floor by playing the right music and serving as an emcee as well.

2. Invest in a great photographer.


You should plan on cherishing the photographs from your wedding for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to invest in a high-quality photographer who will capture your wedding day flawlessly. Often with services like photography, you get what you pay for and there are so many wedding vendors out there you want to make sure you’re getting someone who will do a great job. Make sure you look at a portfolio before you make a decision, and don’t be afraid to shop around. If you have any friends who have gotten married in your area, ask for recommendations and see if they can help you get an idea of what to expect when it comes to pricing. Another idea is to have a photo booth, where your guests can take their own photos and either pin them on a photo wall for you to keep, or take them home as souvenirs.

3. Don’t forget to thank your guests.


You want everyone to have fond memories of your big day that you all can look back on for years to come, and one way to ensure that happens is to be a gracious host. To attend a wedding, friends often make a significant commitment of time, give thoughtful gifts, and occasionally travel from far away, all for your special day. It means a lot when you recognize that effort and thank them for wanting to participate in an event that was so important to you. Don’t wait too long, try to get your thank you cards out within a month or two of the wedding if you can.

4. Save and plan for your house.


After marriage, most couples naturally want to become homeowners. Homeownership, however, is a big responsibility and requires the ability to invest money in your home. After you decide where you want to live, look at the housing market right away so you can start to get an idea of what your budget will be and how much money you’ll need to save. Don’t neglect to look into what your new home might need either. Research local businesses and reach out to them for a free consultation. For example, in West Michigan you’ll want to look for Grand Rapids window companies, to get an idea of what maintenance or upgrades will cost you, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home that needs some repairs. Keep in mind that poorly maintained windows and doors will eventually develop cracks and crevices that can let drafts in and drive up your energy bills so window installers are key to having a secure and warm home. There’s a lot to learn about owning a home, so don’t delay getting started.

While it’s often overwhelming to manage all of the different things that go into having the wedding of your dreams, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible with enough time and careful planning. Just remember that it’s your wedding, so you shouldn’t make your decisions based on what other people want. Focus on yourself and your future spouse, and what type of evening you think will be the best way to celebrate your union. The most important thing is that you have a great time with your friends and family and that you’re able to preserve those memories in a way that allows you to enjoy them for the rest of your life.