4 Ways Your Marriage Will Change After Having a Baby

a woman and a couple of kids sitting at a table with food

Having a baby will be one of the happiest moments of your life. Yet, with all the hustle and bustle of your new bundle of joy, you may be thinking about how your baby can change your marriage. While there will be changes in your marriage, they will bring you closer together. Having a child is a new experience for both Mom and Dad, and you can expect some changes like the ones listed below.

1. Changes will occur in the way you look.


While it may not be a significant change in your marriage, there will be changes in how you look. Having a baby takes a lot of time, from pregnancy to the newborn stage and beyond. As a result, parents often opt for more accessible clothes items that are more flexible and comfortable. For example, new moms may opt for nursing bralette styles with comfortable straps and no underwire for easier access and adjustment while breastfeeding. Dads may trade in designer shoes to chase around the kids for something more comfortable. The stylish and trendy looks you had before may simmer down, and you’ll find a new style when becoming parents.

2. Conflicts may begin to arise.


Not every moment will be perfect having a newborn, and you may find yourself having more arguments. So many changes are happening in your life, which may be hard to cope with. From a mother’s standpoint, there are hormonal changes still happening postpartum, and then add on top all the stresses of work, the house, and your baby’s needs. For fathers, the newfound provider role may start to become stressful. When times get tough and you begin to argue more, it may be an excellent time to seek marriage counseling. Marriage counseling is a great way to have an unbiased opinion so you can let things out without the fear of judgment or ridicule. Things can start to change when you don’t find the time to nurture your relationship the way you did before. Every relationship goes through these rough patches when the baby is born, and the good news is that they don’t last once you get on a better schedule.

3. There will be less downtime.


Once the baby is born, you will find that the evenings you once had lounging on the couch watching movies together are over. Instead of having this downtime, you will find yourself cleaning the mess up from today or preparing for the day ahead. Packing diaper bags, cleaning the house, making bottles, washing bottles, and of course, trying to take care of yourself will all occupy your free time in the evenings. Your new day-to-day life will be filled with many doctor’s appointments, daycare runs, work, cleaning, cooking, and a lot less sleep. Even if you have free time, you’ll find yourself trying to catch up on self-care things like bathing or sleeping.

4. A new bond is happening.

While nothing can change the bond you have with your partner, there is a new bond-forming that can cause changes in your marriage. In the beginning, and even through most of your pregnancy, it was just you and your partner against the world. Now, you have a little one whose life depends entirely on you, and it creates a special bond. When this bond forms, it can cause distance between you and your partner. While this can be tough to cope with, it can also bring you together. Starting your family and having a bond with the baby is essential for both parents and can bring you closer and improve your marriage, as you will have a sense of togetherness like you’ve never had before.

Changes that are for the good.

While some changes in your marriage may be a lot to adjust to, having a new baby is a change that is for the good. Growing your family creates a bond that will last a lifetime, and watching this child grow into whom they were meant to be is something you can both be proud of.