5 Steamy Tricks to Boost Your Sex Drive

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Dealing with a low sex drive can be extremely disheartening at any age. As the body ages, there are changes that affect your libido, like decreasing hormones that alter your sex drive. That nightly glass of vino may help you unwind, but it might also be creating a less than exciting bedroom life. Wanting less intimate time can put a strain on your relationship and lead to poor body image and self-esteem. However, you don’t have to settle for a life without intercourse. With various options of natural supplements, therapies, and lifestyle changes there’s hope to fulfilling and exciting love life again.

Busy lives involving ever-changing situations can put a damper on your relationships romantically or otherwise. It’s important to figure out there’s nothing wrong with your overall health. Seeing your doctor for a physical once a year helps to rule out underlying reasons for changes in your libido. Women, for example, encounter hormonal changes before, during, and after pregnancy and later on in menopause. Besides feeling tired, sex can become uncomfortable, resulting in a lowered sexual desire. This doesn’t just affect a woman’s self-esteem but can also become an issue for her partner. A long time between sex can place a strain on your relationship. Over the years, Americans have been having less sex, especially married couples. Nevertheless, there are some things to try to ignite that flame again. Here are 5 steamy tricks to help boost your sex drive tonight.

Naturally Sexy

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Working It Out

Another natural way to pep up that libido is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. You should also consider smoking less and limiting alcohol. Spending quality time outside the bedroom can also encourage couples to connect, so think about exercising together. Working up a sweat with your partner can have some sizzling side effects like increasing your sex drive from all that sweat and heart racing (and checking out your partner move in tight clothing doesn’t hurt!). But exercise isn’t limited to jogging in the park together. Kegel exercises tighten pelvic floor muscles which may reduce pain during intercourse and give more control contracting and relaxing. Men can practice Kegel exercises, too, as well as penis strengthening exercises. Like any other muscle, internal exercises increase blood flow to help make sex more intense.


You may feel embarrassed or shy when trying to find the right words difficult during sex. Whispering the right thing in a sultry tone can make your body’s libido explodes its worth your time to figure out how to talk sexy to your partner. This is the time to tell your partner exactly what you wish you were doing. Be naughty and flirty using emojis (lots of eggplants, peaches, and maybe a few donuts!). Recall one of the last times you were intimate and describe it. Reading examples of racy messages not only can give you inspiration, but may even feel as if you’re looking at someone’s else conversation. Just reading those “forbidden” messages can increase your sexual desire and, as a result, your sexual performance as well.

Hear Each Other Out

Watching porn might not be your cup of tea, but listening to people enjoying each other sexually can be a huge turn on. Audio erotica is an option for those who love hearing and using their imagination. You can listen to it either alone or together while laying in bed. Explore a variety of stories that range from kinky to listening to other people having orgasms. Or write your own scenario and record it for your partner to listen to later. You’ll notice an increase in your sexual performance just from knowing that your partner is listening to your home-made erotica.


Foreplay is usually just before sex, but it’s also the only activity you want to do with great benefits. Touching each other feels good for many reasons. Your body releases lots of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, so it can help you feel connected emotionally while lowering your anxiety and stress. Foreplay can even lead to different kinds of orgasms. Your body has erogenous zones all over. More commonly known are the nipples and sexual organs, but there are also areas of untapped pleasure behind the knees, the ears and even elbows which can lead to a different but wonderful release.