5 Ways to Be Less Stressed at Work

a man sitting in front of a computer screen

Workplace stress is real and instead of accepting stress and causing more anxiety and worries, there are many ingredients professionals can incorporate. Of course, the first step is identifying what’s causing stress in the workplace. Everyone’s answers vary, from work insecurity to unreasonable deadlines to burnout.

No matter what’s causing your stress, here are five ways to be less stressed at work.

Be clear on requirements and deadlines

Not knowing what’s expected of you can cause unnecessary stress, as can a change in the requirements with little notice. Before starting a project, you should get all of the necessary information you need. This can take place in a meeting, when the work is assigned, or even during the project.

Part of knowing what’s expected of you—on top of the quality of your work—is knowing when a project is due. Deadlines are a big stressor in the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as knowing when your work needs to be finished—it’s also knowing how long a project will reasonably take you, as well as juggling any other work.

Being clear with your boss on requirements, deadlines, and getting all of the information you need to finish the job can help reduce stress and increase quality work.


Not everyone has the ability to outsource at their job, but there are many reasons to do so. After all, it can free up your schedule while still receiving quality work.

As an example, if your company struggles with local marketing, then it can reach out to an SEO consultant in Los Angeles. A consultant can help you devise a marketing plan that’s tailored to your business. Outsourcing allows this company to do what it does best and can create an expert strategy for your company. Outsourcing ensures your company is an expert in all areas of business.

Eliminate distractions

Distractions can be stressful because they force your attention away from your work, which can lead to rushed work or missed deadlines. Workplace distractions can include chatty coworkers and office noise, as well as your phone and emails.

If you’re allowed to listen to music at work, then noise-canceling headphones can help to block out the noise. Another practice is to stay off personal social media networks while at work and turn your phone on silent if you don’t need to answer it.

Simple tactics, such as turning off notifications, can help to eliminate distractions. However, if a bigger issue arises, such as office noise, then you might need to talk to your boss or coworkers.

Have a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, featuring a healthy meal plan and exercise routine, can lead to overall less stress in your life. Quality sleep is another ingredient for a healthy lifestyle and it can lead to a fresh and clear mind every morning.

A healthy lifestyle can help reduce stress in your life as it helps you manage stress and makes your daily routine more balanced, as opposed to cluttered and rushed.

Create your own security

Job insecurity is a big reason why people have work stress. Not only does a feeling of competition in the workplace play a role, but so does work performance, layoffs, and other aspects that might threaten your job.

Having a side income or hustle can help to relieve some of the stress as you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket and you have something else to fall back on in a worst-case scenario. Income protection can also help you gain greater peace of mind if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury as it can give you up to 75 percent of your regular income. In this sense, you put job security in your own hands.

We hope these five tips can help you reduce stress at work.