Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

a person holding a necklace

So, you’re planning a wedding and looking for ideas that can set you and your partner apart from the slew of other married couples out there. Wedding rings have been a long-standing tradition and symbol of a couple’s commitment to one another for decades.

The classic, traditional wedding ring set usually consists of yellow gold bands for both and one yellow gold engagement ring featuring a diamond. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Traditions are lovely, and it can be a lot of fun to follow in your ancestors’ footsteps. But sometimes, we want to do something unique that makes our special day stand out. In this case, an exciting way to do that can be by choosing an alternative wedding ring set. Of course, no one said that wedding rings absolutely have to be gold with diamonds. In this article, we’ll take a look at some popular alternative wedding ring ideas that you can use to make your marriage more personal and memorable.

Alternative Metal


You don’t have to go with the classic yellow gold, as we mentioned above. However, if you still want gold for its quality, consider white gold or rose gold. These nontraditional metals will offer the same quality as traditional gold with a unique look personal to you. If gold isn’t an important factor for you, consider some other metals. Platinum, sterling silver, and titanium are all popular choices for alternative metals that are made to stand the test of time while offering a beautiful new look for a wedding set.

Alternative Gemstones


Whether it’s an alternative stone for your engagement ring or the addition of gemstones to your band, this can be an excellent way to set your wedding rings apart. Of course, diamonds are a tradition. However, not everyone likes diamonds. Practically any gemstone can be made into an engagement ring or added to a wedding band. One popular idea is to use your or your partner’s birthstone in your wedding set.

However, if you like the look of diamonds but don’t like the price tag or wish it was just a touch more sparkly, cubic zirconia is an exceptional choice. These stones have the same look as diamonds, but they offer more sparkle and a much more affordable price tag.

Wooden Rings


Another ring alternative on the rise in popularity is a wooden ring. These are typically not entirely made of wood but instead offer a metal band with a wood inlay. The wood’s metal can be virtually any material, including gold, silver, and more. As for the wood, it can be from various hardwoods, including oak, birch, walnut, ash, cherry, and many more.

Silicone Rings


Silicone rings are popular among couples with physically intense occupations or just physically active lifestyles. These rings first hit the market as an alternative ring to slip on when you’re at work to avoid losing a finger. However, these rings have evolved to become a more standard option for anyone looking for a lighter, more comfortable fit that alleviates the risk of a jewelry-related injury. Silicone rings come in virtually any color and pattern you can think of to suit anyone’s taste.

Wedding Ring Tattoos


Another popular alternative is to remove the ring entirely and simply get a tattoo. Many couples nowadays take this route as a more affordable option that symbolizes their commitment to being with one another for the rest of their lives. These tattoos can be designed to look like an actual wedding ring, include the date of the wedding wrapped around the finger, or feature a personalized design.

Your Wedding, Your Way

Tradition can be fun to follow, but in the end, your marriage is about you and your partner. So, what better way to commemorate your special day than a unique wedding ring alternative? No matter which route you choose, just make sure it makes you and your partner happy.