Cheap Ways Students Can See Theatre

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Being a student is hard. You have classes and grades to deal with while also trying to make friends and have a social life. Plus, when you’re a student, you don’t have a lot of extra funds. Theater can be a luxury for young people and often it’s an activity that they just can’t afford. Thankfully, there are cheap ways for students to see theater, which is especially important if you’re a drama major. Here’s how you can get cheap tickets. 

Check Online

If you go to school in New York City, you’ll probably want to see a Broadway show or two while you’re there. Thankfully, there are easy ways to get discount Broadway tickets. TodayTix offers excellent prices for tickets to all the popular shows, and you don’t have to buy your tickets weeks in advance. You can check the TodayTix website or app and find amazing tickets for an affordable price. 

The average price of a Broadway ticket has been steadily rising over the last several years. In the 2008-2009 season, tickets to a musical cost an average of $80. During the 2018-2019 season, musical tickets cost around $123 each. That’s a huge increase in price, and most students can’t afford to pay that steep price. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay full price when you get your tickets through TodayTix. Impress your date and bring her to a Broadway show without emptying your bank account.  

See Local Theater

If you’re not living near New York City while earning your online psychology degree, check out the local theater scene. Typically, Broadway shows will tour within a few years of opening, which means you can see professional theater in your town, depending on where you live. Sometimes the tour even includes performers who were in the Broadway cast, so it’s a great option for people who aren’t near Broadway. Tours are traditionally cheaper than the Broadway show, so it’s a good solution for your wallet as well. 

If you don’t have any tours coming near you, look for other local theater. Many areas have theater companies that put up shows regularly. While the actors in the show are probably not professionals (you might see your dentist in a show!), the performances are always enjoyable and involved passionate performers. Supporting local theater is a great way to be involved in your community while also seeing an amazing show. 

Take a Drama Class

Want to learn more about theater? Taking a drama class at your school is a great way to learn more and potentially become a performer yourself! Your college most likely has a theater program and puts on shows. You can audition for your school’s performances, or you can simply attend them. Your college theater department puts on professional-quality shows because the theater students are hardworking and possibly trying to get to Broadway. You might see the next Idina Menzel or Ben Platt in a show at your school! Plus, your school will not charge Broadway prices. Your school’s shows are probably cheaper for you than even the general public since you’re a student there. 

Taking a drama class is also a great excuse to see theater. Some professors require students to see local performances and the price of tickets is typically mentioned in your syllabus. Some professors even provide students with texts or books so they only have to spend their money on performances. What’s better than that?

Seeing theater isn’t unattainable if you know a few secrets. Purchase your Broadway tickets through TodayTix or enjoy your local theater. You don’t have to give up on an amazing experience just because you’re a student.