Great Things to Invest in with your Stimulus Check

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According to the United States Census Bureau, while the majority of the stimulus checks received by Americans to better control the economic impacts of COVID-19 were used towards regular expenses (87.6 percent of respondents reported using their check to cover utilities, rent, and food), 14.1 percent of respondents planned on adding to their savings.

Saving money is always a good idea, but many may be desiring to invest the money they saved, or spend it on things that will provide a great way to potentially save even more money in the future. Check out these great options to invest your stimulus check to find the perfect fit for you.

No Pull Dog Harnesses

The no pull harness for dogs by Joyride Harness is marketed as “the last dog harness you’ll ever buy” for a reason. Dog owners of pugs and St. Bernards alike rave about this product that fits all dog breeds, is cozy for all pups, is great for modifying behavior, and is machine washable.

This top pick dog harness comes in nine different colors, six different sizes, and with the option to add the safety seatbelt at a discount for car rides. The harness comes in a durable vest design meant to fit around a dog’s chest while giving your dog’s head and front legs plenty of room to comfortably move around. The front-clip harness has padding to keep your pup comfy and a simple design with an easy front clip to attach it easily under your pooch’s chest. The harness does not come with a leash but has a leash attachment point and a strap on the back of the vest so you can hold onto your dog’s back instead of a leash if that works better for you.

The best part? This no-pull harness won’t touch your dog’s neck or put any pressure on their trachea, as the leash attachment point is on the side, which naturally turns your dog sideways when you pull on a loose leash. Plus, with three different adjustment points, you can attach other accessories as well (such as poop bags, a name tag, or other dog accessories). For the perfect fit, be sure to check out the sizing guide. Sizing goes by weight so take that into account if you have a puppy — even smaller dogs are going to want a snug fit.

Algarve Boat Tours

Let’s be honest — once travel restrictions are lifted, you’re going to want to travel. Likely, you will want to travel somewhere exotic, but safe. By booking online, you can choose from a private yacht, luxury cruises, boat trips, or boat hire Algarve through Lux Charters. This way, you can have the safest good time alone with your family (or a select group of friends) on a boat out at sea.

Lux Charters has updated their policies to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic including allowing cancellations within 24 hours of a scheduled charter, extensive cleaning of the boats, and disinfectant spray, hand wipes, and sanitizing products on board. Visit the Benagil cave (or, kayak into this famous cave), take a boat tour of the Algarve coastline, enjoy the sandy beaches of Algarve, and have fun kayaking, paddle boarding, and way more until the tide comes in.

When looking for boat charters and a private boat in Vilamoura, Lux Charters is the top pick for a great time on your whole trip. Surround yourself with the glorious cliffs while your hired skipper guides you along the shore.

A Home Remodel

According to Consumer Reports (CR), for homeowners, one of the best ways to get to the next level when it comes to resale value is to remodel. For peace of mind, to protect your home from further damage, and to get a popular choice for your home’s look, consider hiring remodeling experts. According to CR, it’s not always as simple as mere remodeling, but smart remodeling. For example, according to their list of the top eight things that increase your resale value things like a kitchen remodel, updated outdoors spaces, energy-efficient appliances, upgrades that keep weather conditions from affecting the heating/cooling bills, simple designs, and an upstairs washer and dryer are small things that can be selling factors for potential homeowners.

To update the outdoor spaces, open up a small area in your home, incorporate a unique design, or to spruce up the look of your porch consider hiring a contractor from Window World where they specialize in exterior design when it comes to updated windows, doors, and sliding doors. At Window World, they’re committed to quality craftsmanship that ensures improved curb appeal for your home. With contractors that do a great job at maximizing your home’s quality and protection from the elements, all while ensuring a design that reflects your individual tastes; you’re unlikely to be dissatisfied with their high-quality products and service.

Concerned that the cabinets and light fixtures won’t mesh well with the new windows in the kitchen? Worried the wood finish you picked won’t match the tile and cabinets in the hall? What if the crown moldings in the living room don’t match the new bay window? To ensure both increased curb appeal and complete satisfaction with your indoor spaces, you will be assigned a design consultant at the start of your remodeling project who will help you through the entire process to make sure everything works out the way you want. For a free estimate, give them a call today!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in Hawaii

Want an easy, relaxing, and fun workout while vacationing in Hawaii? Take stand up paddle boarding lessons! According to the Ohana Surf Project’s website, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has become an extremely popular water sport in recent years. This is most likely because the stand-up paddleboard is great for all skill levels and is super relaxing and fun. The trainers will have their students up and paddling in no time with their paddleboard lesson. They also offer private lessons if you choose.

The lessons are individualized to your skill level and the price includes all of the equipment you will need (SUP board, paddles, and more). All you need to bring is your towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. Ohana Surf Project also offers rentals for surfboards, paddleboards, and bodyboards. So why not enjoy the warm water of the Hawaiian islands with a standup paddleboarding lesson?

Car Overspray Removal

After your home, your car is probably one of your biggest assets. According to The Car Connection, a car’s paint job and exterior condition can greatly affect a car’s resale value (especially if it’s in a desirable color such as white, silver, or black). That’s why realizing that your vehicle is showing signs of overspray after purchasing a new vehicle or getting a new paint job can be quite devastating.

Depending on the extent of the problem, find the best way to remove overspray from a car. If you’re confident with your skills in autobody work and the overspray on your car’s paint isn’t too bad; you may consider removing it yourself. If the overspray is more severe, you’d rather not risk dealing with it yourself, or you just want to compare your options you should get a quote from a professional autobody shop for overspray remover services.

While it’s almost never advised because you can end up doing more damage, you can try to fix the overspray problem yourself. To fix the overspray on your car’s paint yourself you’re going to need a clay bar (or, clay bars), clean rags, and maybe even paint thinner. With the proper technique, overspray paint removal can be done by rubbing the affected area without very much pressure and wiping it down with a clean towel.

Specific Savings Accounts

After taking care of the basics for your own life, you need to start preparing for the future. According to Forbes, if you already have a “rainy day” fund established and your bills are paid, investing your stimulus check-in accounts that help you maneuver your future is a good idea. Consider opening or adding to your retirement account, any education savings accounts, and your health savings account. This way, you can go at your own pace to build up your future.