Great Ways To Pamper Yourself While Living on the Road

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, many more Americans have chosen to buy or rent an RV and take their lives on the road. The truth is, though, that plenty of people around the United States were already RV owners who were enjoying the freedom of the open road, even pre-pandemic. In a recent article published by Business Wire, it was estimated that 10 million households across the U.S. had an RV, either as a permanent living situation or as a motorhome to be used during vacations. That number is only projected to grow. After all, it’s a whole lot easier to practice social distancing when your whole “pod” is in your RV with you, isn’t it?

If you’re concerned about living full-time in a motorhome, you’re not alone. Plenty of people worry about living in such close quarters with their family members. Remote work and school are hard enough, so why would you add RV life to the mix? The answer is simple—living in an RV doesn’t have to be the cramped experience you may be imagining. In fact, the secrets to how to live in luxury when living in an RV aren’t hard to master. Read on if you’re one of the many Americans who want to hit the open road but are nervous about taking the plunge.

Set your RV up for success.


If you want to succeed at RV life, you need to rig your motorhome in a way that sets you up for success. Don’t head out on the road without making sure that you have every single amenity worked out. For example, you may find yourself in an area without access to an electrical hookup, but that doesn’t mean your camper can do without electricity.

Decide ahead of time if you’ll be taking along a generator for emergency use, or if you’ll opt to rig up some solar panels on the roof of the camper. Also, it’s a good idea to come up with a bathroom and living room sharing rules ahead of time, and to plan which RV park you’ll be camping at in the evening earlier rather than later.

When contacting an RV park’s office, ask about onsite amenities. Do they have a laundry room? How about a shower? Which national parks are nearby? Having a better idea of which amenities will be close at hand at the campground can help you plan what supplies you’ll need to carry with you in your motorhome.

“Me time” is important in a motorhome, too.


One very important element of a successful RV life or van life is creating space for everyone on the trip. The truth is, it can get a little bit cramped in a camper, so have a conversation about boundaries before hitting the road. For example, if one thing that helps to keep you calm is using CBD products or journaling to de-stress, you need to be clear about making time for that during the day.

Being on the road full time means that you can’t just crack open a beer in order to relax during the day, so finding alternative, all-natural solutions such as CBD or other hemp products ahead of time is a good idea. One option that’s become very popular for stress release on the road is Delta 8 THC, which is like a middle road between CBD and full Delta 9 THC.

Delta 9 THC is the stuff that gives you the psychoactive effects commonly associated with marijuana (not to be taken while driving), and CBD is the stuff that basically has no Delta 9 THC in it. Delta 8 THC is the middle—it gives you a relaxing effect that’s slightly more potent than CBD without going all the way to the high you’d get with THC products. Which makes it fun and safe. That being said, always ask your doctor about any supplements before taking them to be extra sure.

Make planning the route a family activity.


Full-time RV living is a commitment—for everyone. Don’t concentrate just on the sights you’re interested in seeing around the United States, but ask your kids and spouse where they want to go as well. Maybe your kid is learning about the Grand Canyon in school. Wouldn’t going there take remote learning to a whole new level? Or you could head to Virginia to see the birthplace of Willa Cather if your middle-schooler is reading one of her books in English class. Bringing the whole family into the decision-making process is a great way to make sure that everyone is as excited about van life as you are.

It’s possible to live in a luxury RV and enjoy the open road with your family. Just make sure that you have the amenities you need, take some “me time,” and get everyone involved in the process.