How to Live the Perfect Life in Florida

a landscape with trees and a pool

Some people dream of getting to live where they go on vacation, and one of those common destinations in the state of Florida. Home to Disney World, Universal Studios, South Beach, and endless miles of gorgeous beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the state offers many fun things to do and seems like a paradise when you see it on TV. It’s only natural that you’d consider moving to Florida as a result.

Keep in mind, there are other things to consider before hopping in the moving truck and heading to Florida from your current home. It is easy to enjoy your time in this state, but make sure you prepare well before moving here. You need to know about hurricane season, the weather, and much, much more. Learn about what you will need to do if you are looking to enjoy the perfect life in the Sunshine State.

Decide what you’ll do before you get here.


Hopefully, you already have a job lined up in Florida before heading this way or have a solid 401K plan to rely on. It’s always good to have a game plan when it comes to money so that you won’t be stressing out over paying bills or buying food, and moving to Florida is no different. If you are looking for a total career change, you could consider starting a wellness brand or becoming a health coach, as many people in the state may be looking to prioritize their health. In 2019, the obesity rate in Florida rose, according to the Naples Daily News, so the Sunshine State could use a wellness entrepreneur or two. With COVID-19 on the rise, they might just want to look into mitigating any risk factors for complication and you could find yourself with a lucrative wellness business as a result. Selling wellness products that have proven results and are affordable could also provide a nice side income if you already have a career. If you have a passion for health, definitely consider the opportunities that the wellness industry offers.

Get things for your new home squared away.


If you have your new home already, then you may want to make some adjustments to it to ensure that you can indeed live your best life in Florida. No matter where you are in the state, the humidity and heat will be a thorn in your side if you do not have a stable air conditioner. Direct Air Conditioning is a reliable service provider who can inspect the unit, check on its status, and tell you the best route to take whether it is repairing it or replacing it due to several months of age. Direct AC can also make sure your unit has enough freon and is ready to power through the long Florida summers with a high humidity level.

The average high for Tampa, FL in August is 90 degrees, but pairing that with the humidity makes it feel a lot warmer outside. Even if you run your AC with a temperature in the low 70s, it can still be miserably hot outside at times. If your home does not already have a swimming pool, you might want to consider putting one in so that you have a way to escape the heat but still enjoy your outdoor living space. Pool builders in the Tampa Bay area can create custom pools that will match with outdoor kitchens or complement the rest of your space well. Make sure to consult with several swimming pool builders in Tampa before you move forward with your custom pool project. You want the best pool builders for your backyard, but you’ll want to make sure the pool builders have also done a great job for their other customers, so read their online reviews and ask for references as this is a big investment.

If your home does not already have them, look into purchasing hurricane shutters. A direct hit from a hurricane is a definite threat in the Sunshine State, and it is best to be prepared for the storm well before hurricane season. Residents will make a mad dash to home improvement stores when they know a storm is coming and will clear them out of all supplies very quickly. If you are already prepared, then this will not be a concern for you. You might want a generator as well in case you lose power during or after the storm, especially if there is anyone in your house who has medical problems. Make sure that you exercise caution when using a generator and keep it outside of your home to avoid carbon monoxide affecting you and your family.

Consider getting an exotic pet like a lizard or parrot.


Once you’re in Florida and settled, consider embracing the tropical life by getting an exotic pet such as a lizard, a gecko, or a type of parrot. pets such as geckos can provide a lot of fun and entertainment, and with proper care, could be a long-term companion for you and your family. From bearded dragons to gargoyle geckos, there are many different choices of reptiles to keep in your home. Many Floridians also opt to keep pet snakes in captivity.

The Florida climate makes it easier to care for a gecko, but their terrarium will still need live plants, a small pool of water, and their cage should be kept secure as they eat live insects such as waxworms and Dubia roaches twice a week, since you don’t want the gecko or their prey to escape and roam the house. The gargoyle gecko is easy to care for and if you get a young gecko, you can train it to get used to being handled. Make sure to also regulate the temperature in their terrarium. While they do not like the cold, they also don’t need it to get too warm or too humid for long periods of time. Install a thermometer in their terrarium or vivarium so you can check on the temperature regularly.

If lizards, geckos, or other reptiles are not your cups of tea, you could consider a type of parrot. These birds have loads of personality and will bond with you. Some of them even enjoy cuddles with their owners. There are beautiful macaws, bright white cockatoos, conures, parakeets, and many more. If you are a beginner bird owner, you may want to start with a smaller bird such as a parakeet, also referred to as a budgie. They are easy to care for and typically very friendly when they are handled correctly. They can live to be about 17 years old at times, so do not choose them lightly. If you are looking for a parrot that is highly intelligent and communicative, you might want to look at an African grey parrot. They love interacting with their humans and will become very depressed without regular attention, so make sure that you give them the love they need. African greys can live up to 60 years in captivity.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, make sure to keep your neighbors in mind when choosing a pet. Birds can be quite loud at times, which may disturb your neighbors. In these cases, it may be better to choose a lizard-like gargoyle gecko that will still be a long-term pet but will not squawk loudly for attention like a parrot would.