How to Maintain Your Home and Your Assets While Living in Florida

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Maintaining a home in Florida isn’t always easy. With constant summer showers, a menacing hurricane season, and simmering heat that lasts all year, Floridians have much to prepare for as homeowners. Mold, mildew, and other problems that can arise from the shifting weather that brings intense rain, cold snaps, and extreme heat must be dealt with swiftly, but protecting your home and assets takes more than a schedule of maintenance projects.

Continue reading to discover some of the best ways to handle environmental and societal threats to your belongings and home as a Floridian homeowner.

The weather can be a daunting opponent


The first priority for any homeowner in Florida is to secure property and other belongings against the constant threat of the ever-changing Florida weather. With hurricane season accounting for a full quarter of the year and the rainy summer months bringing the weather-beaten segment of the calendar up to at least half of each year, Floridians are experts at battling the water. Taking preventative measures to protect windows, roofing elements, and other components of the home from moisture-related mildew and erosion issues is a must for anyone living in the Sunshine State.

Home maintenance for Florida residents begins in the transition from exterior space to the interior. The air conditioning unit, roof, windows, and doors (among other areas of focus) are key spaces for homeowners to target when working to protect the home itself and everything and everyone inside of it. Working with a contractor or technician on the AC system, for instance, is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner will remain in proper working order for many years to come.

Air conditioners are rated for a lifetime of around 15 years, but without routine, preventative maintenance, getting your AC unit to this high water mark is highly unlikely. The same goes for many of your other appliances and essential systems in the home. Routine maintenance and cleaning are simply an integral part of owning your own property.

Maintain a storage unit for greater control over your property


The variety of offerings available at local storage facilities in your area are often an easy way to maintain a sense of security surrounding your important documents and other personal belongings. Climate controlled storage units are a staple among storage facilities in Florida as a result of the unpredictable weather that can be found swirling outside. Climate control is a major bonus for Floridians looking to add additional storage capacity for their home’s belongings. A storage facility that makes use of climate control functions is one that operates within a stronger building, structurally, and has accounted for many of the issues that open air units are often afflicted with as a standard.

A storage unit is an inexpensive way to secure your belongings safely against the threat of inclement weather while also giving you—as the owner—easy and fast access to the facility at a moment’s notice. Placing important documents and other possessions into a storage facility before going away on vacation is another great benefit of having the space already rented for your needs. Ensuring that your most valuable items are always kept safe is the best way to head off any insecurity as a result of incoming hurricanes and other storms, as well as the potential for burglary while you’re away.

Preparing for the varied threat matrix that presents itself to Florida homeowners can seem like a big task, but with a few plans put in place ahead of any issues, maintaining your home’s security and your own peace of mind doesn’t have to be difficult.