How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

a desk with a computer and a chair

If you have a 9 to 5 desk job at an office, it can be difficult to keep yourself healthy. Having a desk job can affect not only your physical health but your mental health as well. That is why it is important to know your options to improve and maintain your health while you are remaining sedentary and using a screen for eight hours a day. Work can create stress as well, which impacts your mental health and can even take a toll on your physical health. Stay up to date on the best ways to improve your health by making small changes in your life while you are at work. Here are some great tips to stay healthy at your desk job.

Get Moving When You Can

When you work a desk job, you are not moving your body very much at all. Make sure you find any and all opportunities to walk around or move when you can. You could take a stretch break every 30 minutes and touch your toes, take a lap around the office when you go to the bathroom or go get water, or you could make sure you walk outside for a bit while you are on your lunch break. You can even convince your colleagues to participate in walking meetings as opposed to sitting in the conference room. All of these things will increase blood flow and break up your day so that you can stay active and use your muscles even when the majority of your time is spent sitting.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Skipping out on expensive and highly caloric foods at cafes or your company’s cafeteria is a great way to improve your health while you work a desk job. Make a night of it and plan your meals for the whole week on Sundays. That way, you will not have to do any work on weekday mornings and you can grab your prepared meal and go. This preparation makes it a lot easier to stick to a healthy habit.

Utilize Your Health Insurance

If you work at an office job, the odds are likely that you get health insurance through your employers. Make sure you shop around and compare health insurance plans with iSelect so that you are getting the best deal and receive the plan that fits your lifestyle the best. You could find a plan that provides coverage for mental health treatment, chiropractics, or even personal training so that you can make the most out of your desk job and invest in your personal health.

Invest In A Standing Desk

If possible, ask your boss or purchasing staff member if you can purchase a standing desk for your office space. Standing up during the day is a lot healthier and inspires better posture than sitting on an office chair all day. If it is in your company’s budget, it is a worthwhile investment.

Keep Decor And Photos Around To Make Your Environment Happier

A great way to take care of your mental health while you are cooped up in the office most of the day is to make sure your office is decorated with posters, photos, and knick-knacks that make you happy. If you are pleased with your environment, your brain will not feel quite as miserable while sitting at a desk. You could also consider getting an online cloud photo storage system so that you can sync photos of friends and loved ones between your personal computer and work computer to always have them on hand. Reminding yourself of the positive people in your life and giving them thanks is a wonderful way to keep your mood up, which can improve your health holistically.