Lifestyle Choices: What Causes Poor Health?

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As you grow older and learn more about yourself and the world around you, it is vital that you take time to reflect on your personal health and lifestyle. There are some things that you may be doing, even subconsciously, that can create unhealthy scenarios for you. To avoid slipping into poor health or struggling with poor health in old age, it is important that you rectify anything you may be doing that is contributing negatively to your personal physical and mental health. 

In order to rectify these things and start living a healthier lifestyle, you must first learn what lifestyle choices can cause poor health. If you’d like to learn more, read on for some of the main habits and choices that can affect your health poorly.

Not Taking Good Care of Your Teeth

While this lifestyle choice may not come to mind at first, employing good dental care is key to taking care of the rest of your health. A holistic approach to your health is always the best, which means you should be staying attentive to all areas of your wellness. If you are concerned about your teeth, gum, or other parts of your mouth, you should always seek dental services. Dental issues are best dealt with as soon as possible so they do not get exacerbated and result in more costly treatments.

Eating Unhealthily And Missing Out on Important Vitamins and Nutrients

You’ve likely heard this advice before, but it does not make it less valuable: you need to eat right and make sure you get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Eating healthy whole foods will help your body get what it needs to operate properly each day and provide you with energy to get what you need to get done done. 

Going Without Insurance For Any Amount Of Time

Something that can cause poor personal health is going uninsured for any length of time, even if it is for a short amount of time. Many who miss the enrollment period for healthcare will go without, which is a huge mistake. It means that if something happens to them and they need medical attention, those people may be more likely not to seek help. This can cause huge problems for them in the future. Temporary health insurance can help bridge the gap between enrollment periods to make sure you can always get the care you need without even having to change doctors.

Overdoing It With Alcohol And Drugs

If you want to invest in your personal health, one of your first steps should be cutting back on alcohol use and ceasing any drug usage that you have been involved in. Both of these things can be hard, especially if they have escalated to the point of addiction, but there are resources and therapy groups in every town to help you get through this difficult time in your life and get back on the path to great health. 

Lack Of Physical Activity

Another big lifestyle mistake that can affect someone’s health negatively is not engaging in enough physical activity or exercise. While starting an exercise program can be daunting, it is an important way to better cardiovascular health. Even if you do not go to the gym, you can make small physical choices like choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator, or parking your car far away from where you need to go.

Not Addressing Stress Or TraumaOne last choice that can really affect your overall health is not properly addressing and coping with stress or trauma. If there are things clouding your mental health, they can manifest physically and affect other parts of your health as well. Make sure you see a therapist or spend time doing other activities to reduce stress, such as being in nature, journaling, or going for walks in the fresh air.