What Can I Do With a Bachelors Degree in Public Health?

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Public health has come to the forefront in the COVID-19 pandemic, representing the importance of knowledge for the better wellness of all persons. There is a deep insight gained by public health professionals through a bachelor of science degree that elevates the ability to progress community health, even in times of crisis. From disease prevention to the overall upkeep of vital services, there is much that can be accomplished with a public health degree. Here are just some of the careers that can be made available with such a diploma.

Health Education


Being able to spread messaging and understand the evidence in the public health field is crucial. That’s why becoming a health educator is just one of the many possibilities one has in pursuit of a bachelors degree in public health. Health education is vital at every stage of life from instructing kids on the basics of hygiene to emphasizing health care protections for the elderly. Public health specialists have become a necessity in both developed and developing societies. As a health education specialist, your knowledge has to branch into each area of health sciences.

A public health degree program allows for an expansion into health behavior and disciplines that impact the physical, mental, and, overall health of communities. This includes learning about public health policy, the approaches by which government bodies address the population as a whole. This understanding has become crucial within the pandemic in the United States and abroad, evolving to changing trends and discoveries that were uncovered regarding COVID-19. This degree program tackles public health disciplines and allows you to better articulate this knowledge to vocalize through lesson plans and simple-to-understand messaging.

Infectious Disease Research


Within the study of epidemiology, there is the need to find solutions to public health problems. The public health specialty that is particularly in high demand now is epidemiology. Epidemiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the distribution and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health. Public health students can become researchers who investigate the ails of infectious diseases and environmental factors that are plaguing communities. This area of emphasis seeks to make strides in finding solutions to deal with issues faster than ever before thanks to modern science.

Within environmental health sciences in a public health degree program, epidemiologists evaluate exposures that can be linked to illnesses across a span of communities. For example, the presence of lead in water pipes has been linked to detrimental diseases in people of all ages within communities like Flint, Michigan. Epidemiologists delivered messaging for greater advocacy to make changes to water systems throughout such towns to afford residents the basic luxury of clean tap water. These researchers also expose issues regarding foodborne illness, influenza, and COVID-19.

Disaster Preparedness


A bachelor’s degree in public health not only affords opportunities in disease control but also in stepping into urgent situations. In moments of natural disasters, public health officials are called in to address any health concerns that emerge. This can range from injuries brought on by collapsed buildings in an earthquake to assisting hospitals dealing with power shortages. Healthcare professionals are an absolute necessity at all times, but especially in moments of devastation.

In the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) works directly with public health experts to help communities devastated by tragic occurrences. These authorities implement the best practices for the betterment of people in times of difficulty.

Following a Public Health Career Path

Abiding by core values in addressing the public ills, an understanding of public health sciences affords a litany of career paths that can expand to global levels, so the right degree program can be a game-change for a student and society.