Your Guide to Buying Hemp Cigarettes

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With CBD products trending and gaining in popularity for their health benefits, it’s only natural to become curious. You can find every variety of CBD products imaginable online from hemp flowers and tinctures to edibles and vaporizers. Before you buy your first hemp cigarettes, you should know what to expect and what to shop for.

What exactly is hemp?

The cannabis plant is broadly divided into two types, the marijuana plant, and the hemp plant. Marijuana has a high THC content and is consumed by smoking, vaping, tinctures, or edibles to achieve its intoxicating high. Hemp is defined by its low THC content, less than 0.3 percent, meaning there is no high. The hemp plant does produce high concentrations of the medicinally rich cannabidiol (CBD), making hemp-derived CBD the most popular therapeutic cannabidiol available.


What to Know About Hemp

Dosing hemp buds isn’t as easy as other CBD products. Smokers who are used to the high of marijuana might find it tricky to notice the body effects of CBD at first. Start with a small number of hemp buds first, then work your way up if you don’t notice any effects.

There is a right way to inhale when smoking hemp cigarettes. Take a slow, deep inhalation that fills your lungs two-thirds full of smoke. A mindful smoking pace allows you to ingest more cannabinoids and burns the hemp buds efficiently. Wait a few minutes in between inhales to allow your body to adjust and to only smoke what you need.

To get the most benefit out of smoking hemp cigarettes, make sure to purchase high-quality hemp buds. Look for a company that uses an organic hemp growing process free of pesticides. Find out what farm the hemp is grown on and learn about their growing practices. Look for products with a high concentration of CBD in order to feel greater effects, and look for terpene-rich products to enhance the overall effect.

Plain Jane is located in Southern Oregon and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Their mission is to bring the best CBD hemp flower products to customers at the best prices. Their product line includes CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, and CBD joints, all produced with CBD hemp flower sourced from organic American farms. Plain Jane hemp is sourced from multiple farms to ensure the best hemp strains available make it into their CBD tinctures, edibles, topicals, CBD oil, and capsules.


Why Smoke Hemp Cigarettes?

While there is no healthy form of smoking, hemp cigarettes are less harmful to your health than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Hemp cigarettes lack the addictive nicotine and dangerous carcinogenic additives. Many smokers transition from tobacco to hemp cigarettes to help them quit smoking. They can get the habitual behavior fix of smoking without the dangerous and addictive substances.

Take a closer look at the benefits of smoking hemp cigarettes:

  1. CBD promotes relaxation. Within minutes of smoking a hemp cigarette, you will begin to notice a calming feeling. CBD is known for its calming and soothing effects on the body. Since CBD contains 0.3 percent THC, smokers will not get high from smoking hemp cigarettes, allowing them to function as normal.
  2. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties making it useful for treating a variety of disorders and illnesses. CBD has been shown to relieve pain, meaning a few puffs of a hemp cigarette can help alleviate a simple headache. CBD is also known to lower blood pressure which could help with heart-related disorders, and it helps those with cancer.
  3. CBD can help with anxiety, depression, and addiction. CBD hemp flower is known to help with mental and psychological issues like anxiety and depression. Most anti-depressant medications have too many side-effects or an increased risk of substance abuse. There are promising signs that CBD oil can be used as a substitute for depression medications, and in some cases, smoking CBD can be just as effective as ingesting it.

Consulting with a doctor and making an informed purchase decision is the best way to enjoy the most benefits from smoking hemp cigarettes.