How to Choose Between a Furnished and Unfurnished Apartment

There are certain things that are must-haves for us when we apartment hunt, and then there are other items that we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of a lease. Apartment hunters can look at both furnished and unfurnished units to determine what is the best living situation for them and their wallets. While […]

Starting Fresh After Addiction Recovery

Once you’ve recovered from addiction, you know you can accomplish anything. However insurmountable a task might seem, it’s minimal compared to everything you’ve made it through already. But, of course, post-rehabilitation life offers challenges, too. One of these? Making the most of your fresh start. You’ve already made a significant transformation, and now you have […]

How a Wrecked Car Impacts Your Insurance

A car accident can stay on your driving record for several years. No matter the magnitude of an accident, you should always report it to your insurance company. Many drivers think that insurance providers can’t increase their premiums if they never report an accident. The reality is that, should the other party raise a suit […]

Should You See An In-Person or Online Therapist?

The spread of COVID-19 made existing teletherapy services even more attractive, providing individuals with a way to get the mental health services they needed without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Now that a vaccine is available and the world is starting to gradually reopen, those wanting to reach out for help […]